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Bacteriostatic Water


Bacteriostatic Water is bacteriostatic agent used to stop bacteria from producing. Using this product can protect you from injection bacteria’s.

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About Bacteriostatic Water:

Are you looking to buy Bacteriostatic Water in Canada? Bacteriostatic Water is primarily used for the dilution of our injectable pharmaceutical steroid products. It acts as a sterile compound for injection sites and reduces the chances of infection due to the .9% (9mg/mL) benzyl alcohol mixture by reducing the growth potential of harmful bacteria’s. In some cases, users will experience a slight increase in body temperature, abscess formation and light point-on-entry infections.

Users can access multiple dosages from the same bottle due to the penetration safe cap. The average pH is 5.7 with a variance between (4.5 – 7.0).

Recommended Dosage:
Please consult a medical professional or your medication vial for proper dilution specifications and ensure the utilization of a proper medical vehicle when mixing the two products.

Shipping Information:
Once you buy our Bacteriostatic Water we will ship in a safe and secure manner. Your product will be contained within medical-grade semi-rigid or rigid vials.

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