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Alcohol Swabs (100 pack)

100 BD Alcohol swabs
Insulin Needles (10 pack)

Insulin Needles (10 pack)


Insulin Needles (10 pack)



Are you looking to buy Insulin Needles online in Canada? Buyroids insulin needles are suitable for the injection of HGH and other peptides, as well as being back-loaded for smaller dosages of testosterone (testosterone replacement therapy). Our insulin needles come in packs of 10 and are just as effective as longer needles while reducing the anxiousness of the user. The smaller needles are less likely to cause painful injection sites and cause less scar tissue damage. Utilizing thin-wall technology, our insulin needles reduce the amount of plunger force required which translates to a better user experience. It is not recommended to inject more than .25 mL of testosterone in a single site using an insulin pin (needle).

It is strongly advised that users maintain a use-and-refuse policy. It is against the proper practice to reuse medical insulin needles.

Recommended Dosage:
1 per injection site.

Shipping Information: 
After you buy our Insulin Needles we will ship them in a safe and secure manner. Your product will be contained within medical-grade semi-rigid or rigid packaging.

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