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Masteron Propionate - 10ml bottle - 150mg/ml


Masteron Propionate – 10ml bottle – 150mg/ml


Masteron Propionate is a fantastic hardener. It provides a dry and vascular appearance to muscles. It is reported to help maintain and even improve strength when in a caloric deficit. The propionate ester allows it to enter your system quickly and become effective faster; however, this does require more frequent injections to keep hormone levels stable. For those who prefer less frequent injections, Masteron Enanthate should be used.

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About Ace Pharmaceuticals’ Masteron Propionate:

Ace Pharmaceuticals’ Masteron Propionate stands out as a rapid and premium cutting steroid due to its aesthetic benefits as well its ability to sustain strength during a caloric deficit. With minimal water retention, individuals turn to Masteron Propionate for a more aesthetic cut or bulk, depending on their specific goals.

Common side effects are limited to acne, hair loss, and, in extreme cases, prostate enlargement. Particularly favored in the weeks leading up to competitions or a special event. The dense and hardened look will not disappoint!

Due to its short propionate ester, injections should be administered at least every 2 days to maintain a consistent hormone level in the bloodstream. For an even smoother experience that is less likely to cause side effects, we do recommend daily injections, but every-other-day is a preferred alternative by many and still works!

Recommended Dosage:

Bodybuilding: 400mg – 600mg/week for 6 – 12 weeks
Enthusiast: 300mg – 400mg/week for 6 – 12 weeks

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If you live in Canada, you can get your Masteron Propionate in as little as a few days. Everything ships in discrete packaging. Delivery is 100% guaranteed. Place your order now – you won’t be disappointed!


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