Anabolic Steroids


All about anabolic steroids

Steroids are synthetically made and are similar in composition to the male sex hormone. Steroids have a vast medical application. Generally, they are considered harmful to humans, but anabolic steroids are very beneficial from a medicinal point of view.

The scientific name for anabolic steroids

The scientific name for anabolic steroids is anabolic-androgenic steroids. Anabolic means that they promote muscle build-up. That’s what the majority of steroids do. And that is why most of the consumers of steroids are athletes and bodybuilders.

Medicinal benefits of steroids

Medicine and therapeutics are well-aware of the benefits of steroids. That is why doctors prescribe steroids to treat conditions such as

  • Auto-immune disorders

In auto-immune conditions such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, steroids lower the activity of the immune system, which is working against its body cells.

  • Inflammation

In order to reduce inflammation, the patient must take steroids in an amount more significant than the human body’s natural production.

  • Breathing difficulties

In breathing disorders, such as asthma, the treatment includes injecting steroids directly into the lungs. If done correctly, this is an effective treatment.

Ways of consuming steroids

Taking steroids from an oral pathway is the most common way for medicinal use. It is proved to be the most valuable and practical. Another popular way of consuming steroids is hypo-dermally. In this method, the user injects the steroid using a needle directly into his muscles.

Illegal practices regarding steroid intake

The two most common illegal practices regarding steroids are abuse and stacking. Abuse is when an individual takes substantial quantities of the steroid, almost 10 to 100 times higher than the prescribed dose. Such an individual is called a steroid abuser.

Stacking is a practice in which an individual takes more than steroids simultaneously. A standard method associated with stacking is the repetitive use of steroids in cycles. In the first half of the process, the user shifts from low to high, and the opposite happens in the second half of the cycle.

All these practices are illegal because a doctor does not prescribe them. Steroids are a strong class of drugs, and their abuse or unsupervised use can lead to detrimental effects.

 Steroids use among teenagers.

As mentioned, steroids are heavy drugs, and not everybody qualifies to use them. Many teenagers look for Canadian online steroids to gain benefits such as muscle growth. However, due to unprescribed and unsupervised use, they have various side effects, such as hormonal imbalance, hair fall, and acne at a young age. Some teenagers are also left with stunted growth, a severe threat at such an age.


It is a universal fact that excess of everything is terrible; the same goes for steroids. Although it is a drug that significantly benefits medical science, its abuse poses a serious threat to the well-being of many. Lack of awareness is the only reason for the controversy around steroids.

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